Welcome to the Z Board!

If you'd like to join in our monthly banner competition  please sign up for the Board. Click here to sign up.

Once you sign up for the Z Board you will be added the next morning. Please check the board the next day, no confirmation is sent. You can then start posting your banners. Save your banners until you are able to post them.

Zanadu's banner competition is offered for Canasta, Spades, Crib, Euchre, Backgammon and Hearts. Just copy your banner, come to the board and in a few seconds it's posted.

Please make sure you check the Z Tournament/Event box if you're posting a Zanadu banner in Canasta  Also if you're wearing a Z/CC nick when playing please make sure to check that box as well. You earn extra points when playing in your Z/CC nick and for your Z banners.

The Z Board is open for all players in tournaments on any site. You need not be a member of any group/club to join the competition!

You can find answers to the most common questions by clicking on this link.

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